Go Cook Something

It’s amazing how we connect over food.

Food has the magical ability to bring together people of all cultures, break barriers, it joins us, create stories, create memories.  For me, food has been significant in my life.  Some of my earliest memories of food are dusting powdered sugar on my mother’s freshly-baked, raspberry linzer cookies, or how she and my father would slave away for days in the kitchen canning homegrown bounty.  My childhood is rooted in these types of memories, and for that I am so grateful.  My parents taught me to appreciate this thread of life.

And so I dedicate this post to them…to the two of them, for teaching me the wonderful art of epicurism.

I recently came across a drawing in a book by children’s author and illustrator, Dan DiPaolo, and it resonated strongly with me.  I couldn’t help but pull out my camera…

So, in Dan’s words….go cook something.  And even better, share it with a friend.


4 Comments on “Go Cook Something”

  1. Bethany Schmidt says:

    I love it! How does homemade yogurt taste compared to store bought? And do you REALLY have to use Dannon? I usually buy Stoneyfield Farms.

  2. Bethany Schmidt says:

    Oops I commented on the wrong post. But I LOVE Tomi DiPaolo. Is this a son? If so I need to find his books!!

  3. My day happily hangs by this thread, food. 🙂

  4. marian stumpf says:

    You have learned well! Such a great legacy!

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