A New Love Named Buck…

……wheat, that is.  Buckwheat.

Buckwheat and I are very much in love.

It’s a new grain for me.  I have my usual favorites…couscous, bulgur, barley, quinoa.  And because breakfast is my most favorite meal in the whole wide world, I love to explore different ways of creating deliciousness to wake up to in the morning.  I’ve done the oatmeal, the smoothies, the scones, the pancakes, the quinoa hot cereal and so on.  But I recently discovered this grain – called Kasha for hot cereal – that makes for a verrrry delicious bowl of hot cereal!  Mixed with mashed banana, warm milk, cinnamon, almonds, raisins, a drizzle of honey, marmalade, and banana slices on top, it is a breakfast lover’s dream.

After doing a little investigating, I learned that buckwheat, or kasha, is a traditional Eastern European meal.  Furthermore, it is high in fiber, is wheat and gluten-free,  contains eight essential amino acids, and a large number of important minerals.

As with any grain, it’s extremely versatile!  A few weeks ago I cooked up a nice buckwheat pilaf with fresh herbs, peppers, leeks, lemon juice and white wine.  Savory or sweet, it’s my new fave!   Any other ways/recommendations for using buckwheat/kasha!?

This is what I used:

3 Comments on “A New Love Named Buck…”

  1. Jex says:

    Are you going to change the banner every post now? You should, I kind of like that idea…I’ll buckwheat you!

  2. Bethany Schmidt says:

    I love the new banner, Becca! And, I didn’t know what buckwheat was like in it’s natural state. This whole time I thought it was like wheat flour because I’ve only had it in buckwheat pancakes, which I must say are delicious!!

  3. Debra says:

    Love the idea of buckwheat for breakfast. I used to make Buckwheat Bunnies–buckwheat crackers cut in the shape of bunnies–buckwheat flour, millet flour, arrowroot (or tapioca flour), cinnamon, mashed baked yam, peanut butter, molasses and water. The arrowroot or tapioca flour holds it all together. You refrigerate the dough for easy rolling and bake them about 40 minutes and if you want them really crispy, turn off the oven and leave them overnight. They also made good dog biscuits because they aren’t sweet.

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