Colorado Peach Time (aka soup time)!

There’s nothing like coming home.  Home truly is where the heart is.  And for me that’s Colorado – where I spent my childhood, my youth, my life!  This place has shaped me, and that’s why I love to come back here.

Summer time in Colorado not only brings the most amazing sunsets, afternoon rain showers, picture-perfect farmer’s markets, wonderful summer meals on the deck, but also a bounty of produce.  And nothing compares to one item that is grown right here – Colorado Peaches.  They really do taste different than any other kind of peach.  That’s why, lately, I have been taking advantage of their bounty eating as many of them as I can before I go back to Costa Rica, where I currently live until May 2011.

(Summer meal of salmon and crab sliders with sauteed garden beet greens and zucchini with parmesan):

A recipe was taped to my parent’s cupboard when I got home, as many new and current recipes are for a short time until they are made, and as many have been since the 1980s I’m sure.  (left side: inside of cabinet=recipes from the 1980s, right side: outside of cabinet, new and intriguing recipes).

This recipe, though I could not decipher where it was cut out from, judging from the style and text, it seems to have been cut out from an old Gourmet magazine. Intrigued by peaches in a soup, I made this recipe once, as is, and twice, doctored up.  Here is my doctored up version of Chilled Colorado Peach Soup formerly known as Peach Gazpacho.

Chilled Colorado Peach Soup (adapted from Gourmet magazine?)

-3/4 cup water
-5 ripe peaches, preferably Colorado peaches
-1/4 cup cucumber
-1 garlic clove
-2 1/2 tablespoons pomegranate vinegar
-generous amounts of course ground salt and pepper
-3 dashes of tobacco
-2 tablespoons parsley, basil or cilantro

Place all ingredients in a food processor an blend until well combined.
Chill in fridge at least an hour, enjoy garnished with fresh herbs, olive oil or chopped avocado.

Can be served in small cups as an appetizer or in bowls as part of the main course.

6 Comments on “Colorado Peach Time (aka soup time)!”

  1. Jex says:

    It’s not CO peach time anymore! What the hee haw is next??

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