About Rebecca


We all know how it goes…

Mom=cook and baker.
Mom teaches daughter to cook and bake.
Daughter=cook and baker.

And that’s exactly how it went in my family. I grew up in the kitchen (in Longmont, Colorado), around the dinner table, and in the garden. All things food related were sacred….including our den bookshelf devoted entirely to rows and rows of cookbooks, from an original 1960s tattered Joy of Cooking, to the latest, hot-off-the-press cookbook. We were taught to appreciate good, nutritious food, and the connection that generates between friends and family amidst an exceptional, home-cooked meal.

The second part of the story goes like this.

Dad instills love of photography in daughter.
Daughter studies photography in Graduate School=photographer (www.rebeccastumpf.com

And that’s exactly how it went in my family.  I grew up learning to appreciate  all things visual, and to never stop discovering the world through the lens.

It was during my five years of living in Missoula, Montana amongst a wealth of local, organic, homegrown, homemade, nutritious grub, and amongst the beauty of what the land gives us, that I learned to love combining the two – photography and food.

I am obsessed with all things food related (especially breakfast)…..from cooking, to gardening, to eating, to traveling and trying new foods, to simply just being in the kitchen (and did I mention I can never eat enough breakfast?).  For me, cooking is like art, we all have our own style of creative expression that comes through in the beautiful (or not so beautiful) dishes we share with the ones we love.  The kitchen, to me, is just another art gallery on the the bustling downtown streets of a hip city.

And one day, because I think it’s okay to indulge every now and then, I dream of opening (as a side job, of course to photography and youth work) my own artisan ice cream shop or gourmet cookie shop…too, on the downtown streets of a hip city where icy, creamy, unique works of art and baked goodness will be served up daily!

But this isn’t just another food blog.  It’s a space for words, photos, notes, thoughts, observations, discoveries….all related to food and the connection of food and life where ever I roam on this planet…..and once in awhile, recipes that are worthy of being shared with the world.

Enjoy it as you may.  Thanks for comin’ by.

6 Comments on “About Rebecca”

  1. Lindsay Koth says:

    Fantastic!! What a beautiful representation of your passions and experience down there.

  2. marian stumpf says:

    Oh, such a wonderful beginning!!!!

  3. ~Lynn~ says:

    Becca, you’re my hero! You know I started to love cooking because of you, right?!!?

    While cooking enchiladas, you said: “Lynn, this isn’t even cooking – it’s just putting things together.”

    Love it, and can’t wait to read more!

  4. Pat Hazard says:

    I am Greta Rybus’ Auntie! Did we meet in Missoula? My sister, Greta’s mom, sent me your blogsite. How I am enjoying it! I will be a faithful follower.

  5. I want to open a pasty shop/design studio. Partners??? xo.

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