Homemade Yogurt

Today I discovered something.

I cannot believe 28 years into my life, and it took me this long to make this magical discovery.

Today, I made my own yogurt.  Pure, natural, fresh, plain yogurt.  What a delight!  And for half the price of a container of store-bought yogurt (include bus fare to the fancy American grocery stores where I have to buy plain yogurt…nearly the whole price).

It was the most satisfying discovery to know that with only yogurt and milk, you can make more yogurt, and more yogurt, and more yogurt, and know right where it came from.

Tomorrow I will enjoy a bowl of this pure, simple goodness, drizzled with honey, nuts, granola and sliced bananas.  Add a cup of chai tea and I don’t know what’s better and more comforting than that.  The simple things in life…

Here is the link to the recipe I used.  I would post it here, but it requires lots of photos and exact steps, but don’t fear – it’s really easy and all it really involves is heating milk, cooling the milk, adding yogurt, and letting it sit for 7 hours.  Simple as pie.


Next project?  Make my own butter.